Samer Said Saab

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—This paper is devoted to the development of a map matching algorithm for a train positioning system. Due to the non-steerable truck design associated with rail vehicles, rail track curvatures are reasonably small. Consequently, track signatures, such as curves, are difficult to identify using low-cost sensors. The algorithm proposed in this work takes full(More)
— Higher-Order Iterative Learning Control (HO-ILC) algorithms use past system control information from more than one past iterative cycle. This class of ILC algorithms have been proposed aiming at improving the learning efficiency and performance. This paper addresses the optimality of HO-ILC in the sense of minimizing the control error covariance matrix in(More)
This letter shows that traditional Newton-Raphson (NR) method cannot achieve zero-convergence in presence of additive noise without adding a multiplicative gain. Furthermore, this gain needs to converge to zero. This article proposes a novel recursive algorithm providing optimal iterative-varying gains associated with the NR method. The development of the(More)
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