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A mathematical model of the central neural mechanisms of respiratory rhythm generation is developed. This model assumes that the respiratory cycle consists of three phases: inspiration, post-inspiration, and expiration. Five respiratory neuronal groups are included: inspiratory, late-inspiratory, post-inspiratory, expiratory, and early-inspiratory neurons.(More)
OBJECTIVE Successful breast reconstruction after mastectomy may be guided by knowledge of the contralateral breast volume. Three-dimensional (3D) reconstruction based on a CT examination was used to determine the volume of the contralateral normal breast before postmastectomy breast reconstruction. MATERIALS AND METHODS Seventeen female patients scheduled(More)
As an author of a previously published clinical investigation on the CT densitometric diagnosis of otosclerosis (1), I always keep an eye on more recent publications in that field. I was surprised that our paper was not mentioned in the study above, since it not only was one of the first investigations in the field but also presented a new measurement(More)
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