Samer Malak Botros

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A mathematical model of the central neural mechanisms of respiratory rhythm generation is developed. This model assumes that the respiratory cycle consists of three phases: inspiration, post-inspiration, and expiration. Five respiratory neuronal groups are included: inspiratory, late-inspiratory, post-inspiratory, expiratory, and early-inspiratory neurons.(More)
MATERIALS and METHODS: We included CT examinations of the temporal bones of 25 patients (34 ears, 9 cases were bilateral) with clinical and audiological diagnosis of otosclerosis. We measured the otosclerotic foci in their maximum dimensions as well as their CT densities and correlated them to the BC thresholds and ABG. We also studied the correlation(More)
   Successful breast reconstruction after mastectomy may be guided by knowledge of the contralateral breast volume. Three-dimensional (3D) reconstruction based on a CT examination was used to determine the volume of the contralateral normal breast before postmastectomy breast reconstruction.    Seventeen female patients scheduled for postmastectomy breast(More)
AIM To assess the relation between central retinal artery (CRA) resistive index (RI) and retinal nerve fiber thickness measured by optical coherence tomography (OCT) in assessment of disease progress in cases of open angle glaucoma. METHODS Twenty-three patients with diagnosed open angle glaucoma were included in this study. They were examined by colored(More)
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