Samer Abdel-Aziz

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We report a case in which the use of benzocaine spray to facilitate awake fiber optic intubation (FOI) in a patient with a difficult airway caused methemoglobinemia intraoperatively. Local benzocaine was sprayed to numb the patient's airway for a total time of one second, fifteen minutes later SpO2 decreased to 85% on the pulse oximeter. Arterial blood gas(More)
The primate brain has the remarkable ability of mapping sensory stimuli into motor behaviors that can lead to positive outcomes. We have previously shown that during the reinforcement of visual-motor behavior, activity in the caudate nucleus is correlated with the rate of learning. Moreover, phasic microstimulation in the caudate during the reinforcement(More)
Some pelvic pain syndromes are very resistant to medical treatment. Several studies have demonstrated that sacral neuromodulation, which has been successfully used for the treatment of bladder dysfunction, incontinence, urinary retention and urinary frequency [1]-[3], can be successfully used for the treatment of chronic pelvic pain [4]-[7]. Several studies(More)
A 40-years-old female patient with severe right facial pain with a throbbing component along the mandibular division of the trigeminal nerve resistant to medical management. Continuous inferior alveolar nerve block with local anesthetics using an indwelling catheter provided a complete pain resolution for the patient for 2 weeks, after which the catheter(More)
A 61 years old male patient undergoing gastrectomy under general anesthesia developed severe anaphylactoid shock after 15 minutes from starting 5% albumin infusion. His blood pressure went from 101/67 down to 44/23 with his heart rate going up from 91 to 99. A total of 1600 mcg of phenylephrine were given without any improvement in the hemodynamics. We then(More)
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