Samer A Abdelrazeq

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In a study of acquired equivalence in Parkinson disease (PD), in which patients were tested on normal dopaminergic medication, we found that comorbid clinical depression impairs initial acquisition, whereas the use of anticholinergic therapy impairs subsequent transfer generalization. In addition, this study provides a replication of the basic finding of(More)
We report the first Palestinian child manifesting with 3-methylglutaconic aciduria psychomotor delay, muscle hypotonia, sensori-neural deafness, and Leigh-like lesions on brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), a clinical phenotype that is characteristic of MEGDEL syndrome. MEGDEL syndrome was recently found to be caused by mutations in SERAC1, encoding a(More)
Upper limb ischemia presenting in neonatal period is extremely rare. Moreover, presenting newborn with evidence of intrauterine upper limb vascular occlusion is even rarer. It needs prompt intervention to restore perfusion and avoid morbidity. We present a newborn with right upper limb brachial artery thrombosis causing ischemia that was noted at birth and(More)
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