Sameh S. Daoud

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BACKGROUND The use of the immunosuppressant sirolimus in kidney transplantation has been made problematic by the frequent occurrence of various side effects, including paradoxical inflammatory manifestations, the pathophysiology of which has remained elusive. METHODS 30 kidney transplant recipients that required a switch from calcineurin inhibitor to(More)
—RSA is one of the most important public key cryp-tosystems for information security. The security of RSA depends on Integer factorization problem, it relies on the difficulty of factoring large integers. Much research has gone into problem of factoring a large number. Due to advances in factoring algorithms and advances in computing hardware the size of(More)
The incorrect position of the anterior tibial tuberosity responsible for the pushing into jagged shape of the extensor apparatus of the knee has various causes. Among these, "knock-kneed"walking may induce some children to compensate by a hyper rotation of the legs in order to reestablish a normal walking position. Other origins may also be pointed out :(More)
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