Sameh M. Sowelam

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The first heart sound is generated by vibrations from the myocardium during isovolumic contraction. Peak endocardial acceleration (PEA) has been used previously to measure these vibrations in humans and correlates with myocardial contractility during inotropic interventions. It is unknown if changes in PEA can be used to characterize a reduction in(More)
BACKGROUND Dual chamber pacing typically results in a high percentage of ventricular pacing. A number of studies have been conducted suggesting detrimental effects of ventricular desynchronization produced by long-term RV pacing. Pacemaker algorithms that extend the AV interval to uncover intrinsic AV conduction have been utilized to reduce ventricular(More)
This paper studies the design of a set of outgoing radar signals to discriminate between two target classes. We model the reflectivity function of each target by a two-dimensional stochastic process to account for uncertainties and propagation effects. The signals are selected to minimize the expected number of transmissions that are needed to guarantee a(More)
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