Sameh M. Elsharkawy

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Wireless sensor networks are poised to increase the efficiency of many applications, such as target detection and disaster management. Typically sensors collect data about their surrounding and forward it to a command center, either directly or through a base-station (gateway). Due to inhospitable conditions, sensors may not always be uniformly deployed in(More)
Wireless sensor networks are poised for increasingly wider uses in many military and civil applications. Such applications has stimulated research in a number of research areas related to energy conservation in such networks. Most such research focuses on energy saving in tasks after the network has been organized. Very little attention has been paid to(More)
This paper presents a complete system model for scheduling and dispatching CORBA service requests that have hard as well as soft real-time timing requirements in a distributed environment. The model provides the methodology for expressing and enforcing time-based QoS constraints for real-time CORBA service requests. Therefore, the presented model(More)
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