Sameh A. Fakhouri

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Océano is a prototype of a highly available, scaleable, and manageable infrastructure for an e-business computing utility. It enables multiple customers to be hosted on a collection of sequentially shared resources. The hosting environment is divided into secure domains, each supporting one customer. These domains are dynamic: the resources assigned to them(More)
This paper describes GulfStream, a scalable distributed software system designed to address the problem of managing the network topology in a multi-domain server farm. In particular, it addresses the following core problems: topology discovery and verification, and failure detection. Unlike most topology discovery and failure detection systems which focus(More)
In this paper we describe a utility computing framework, consisting of a component model, a methodology, and a set of tools and common services for building utility computing systems. This framework facilitates the creation of new utility computing systems by providing a set of common functions, as well as a set of standard interfaces for those components(More)
Océano is management software for a eUtility infrastructure capable of providing cost-effective, autonomic resource allocation for multiple customer or application domains, in response to existent performance and availability conditions. The Control Layer of Océano provides mechanisms to manage resources. This layer consists of a resource director and a set(More)
We describe a decision support system called Mounties that is designed for managing applications and resources using rule-based constraints in scalable mission-critical clustering environments. Mounties consists of four active service components: (1) a repository of resource proxy objects for modeling and manipulating the cluster con guration; (2) an event(More)
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