Sameer ud Dowla Khan

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Paired pulse stimulation has commonly been employed to investigate changes in excitability in epileptic hippocampal tissue employing the in vitro slice preparation. We used paired pulse stimulation in the intact temporal lobe of patients with temporal lobe seizures to compare the excitability of pathways in the epileptogenic hippocampus (located in the(More)
Little is known about how listeners judge phonemic versus allophonic (or freely varying) versus post-lexical variations in voice quality, or about which acoustic attributes serve as perceptual cues in specific contexts. To address this issue, native speakers of Gujarati, Thai, and English discriminated among pairs of voices that differed only in the(More)
(K'iche') is a Mayan language spoken in Guatemala. The name of this language is 1 spelled Quiché in many sources, and as K'iche' or K'ichee' in the most recent literature. In the dialect of Pedro Garcia Mantanic, however, this word is pronounced /kit•e/, as is referred to as Kiche in this paper. Data for this paper were gathered in the context of a UCLA(More)
Previous studies have shown morphological differences in the hippocampal formation of seizure-sensitive gerbils as compared to seizure-resistant gerbils. To determine the significance of these differences, lesions were made of hippocampal afferents and efferents. Seizure-sensitive gerbils with bilateral knife cuts of the perforant path, including those with(More)
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