Sameer Vyas

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Transient splenial lesions (TSL) of the corpus callosum are uncommon radiologic findings that are seen in a number of clinical conditions with varied etiologies. They were first described a decade earlier in patients with epilepsy and hence were thought to be seizure or seizure therapy related. Subsequently, more cases were described by different observers(More)
Pyometra is an uncommon condition with an incidence of less than 1% in gynaecologic patients. Spontaneous rupture of pyometra in cervical cancer presenting as generalized peritonitis is very rare. Only four cases have been described in the English literature to the best of our knowledge and from a PubMed search. The index case is an elderly postmenopausal(More)
A 3-year-old boy developed viral illness followed by fever, altered sensorium, focal seizures, and neuroregression. Examination showed silvery-gray hair (figure 1A), bilateral papilledema, spastic quadriparesis, brisk muscle-stretch reflexes, extensor plantars, hepatosplenomegaly, and normally pigmented skin, iris, and retina. Hair microscopy confirmed(More)
Parotid gland involvement in tuberculosis is rare. We present a case of middle aged male presenting with parotid swelling for 1 year and diagnosed to have parotid tuberculosis on fine needle aspiration cytology. A brief review of radiological findings in tuberculous parotitis is discussed which can help in correct interpretation and timely diagnosis, and(More)
The hydro projects in Himalayan region in India are constructed in head reaches of river basins. These projects envisage a concrete or masonry or rockfill or even an earthen dam. The underground inspection galleries and drainage gallery of these dams are constructed using concrete linings of different grades. Its durability is determined by various factors(More)