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Thermal plasmas and lasers have been widely used in medicine to cut, ablate and cauterize tissues through heating; in contrast, non-thermal plasma produces no heat, so its effects can be selective. In order to exploit the potential for clinical applications, including wound healing, sterilization, blood coagulation, and cancer treatment, a mechanistic(More)
Non-thermal dielectric barrier discharge plasma is currently being developed for a wide range of medical applications, including blood coagulation, malignant cell apoptosis, and wound healing. However, the effect of non-thermal plasma on the vasculature is unclear. Blood vessels are affected during plasma treatment of many tissues, and vessels themselves(More)
Editor's Summary made about oxidative damage to mammalian tissues. important to confirm this antibiotic effect in humans, with a broader range of antibiotics, before any conclusions can be can also be prevented by taking antioxidants or by switching to bacteriostatic antibiotics. Nevertheless, it will be suggest that not only does this damage occur with(More)
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