Sameer Singh Chauhan

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With the emergence of Grid technologies, the problem of scheduling tasks in heterogeneous systems has been arousing attention. Task scheduling is a NP-complete problem[5] and it is more complicated under the Grid environment. To better use tremendous capabilities of Grid system, effective and efficient scheduling algorithms are needed. In this paper, we are(More)
Task scheduling in Grid becomes more complicated when user demands different QoS. In this paper, we have proposed QoS Guided Weighted Mean Time Min-Min Max-Min Selective heuristic for QoS based task scheduling. The heuristic takes single QoS parameter as requirements of tasks for deciding the match between resources and tasks. The heuristic also considers(More)
Grid computing is the framework of computer systems that provides high performance computing environment. The challenging issue in grid computing is to design efficient and reliable task scheduling algorithms for efficient utilization of grid computing. In this paper, we are proposing a new Improvised Prioritized Deadline (IPD) based scheduling algorithm(More)
At the leading edge of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning game applications use a combination of various algorithms and different types of information. Searching the large space of solutions in depth leads to better solution. In checker board game next move of disc is important to defeat the opponent. Different selection strategy can be employed to(More)
  • Barenya Bikash Hazarika, Smriti Priya Medhi, +16 authors Victor
  • 2016
Network forensics is a type of digital forensics which goal is to monitoring, correlate, examine and analysis of computer network traffic for various purposes likeinformation gathering, legal evidence, or intrusion detection. Now a days, various services like email, web, online transactions are used as network communication schemes. The purpose of this(More)
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