Sameer Pradhan

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In this paper, we propose a machine learning algorithm for shallow semantic parsing, extending the work of Gildea and Jurafsky (2002), Surdeanu et al. (2003) and others. Our algorithm is based on Support Vector Machines which we show give an improvement in performance over earlier classifiers. We show performance improvements through a number of new(More)
The natural language processing community has recently experienced a growth of interest in domain independent shallow semantic parsing—the process of assigning a Who did What to Whom, When, Where, Why, How etc. structure to plain text. This process entails identifying groups of words in a sentence that represent these semantic arguments and assigning(More)
The CoNLL-2011 shared task involved predicting coreference using OntoNotes data. Resources in this field have tended to be limited to noun phrase coreference, often on a restricted set of entities, such as ACE entities. OntoNotes provides a large-scale corpus of general anaphoric coreference not restricted to noun phrases or to a specified set of entity(More)
The CoNLL-2012 shared task involved predicting coreference in English, Chinese, and Arabic, using the final version, v5.0, of the OntoNotes corpus. It was a follow-on to the English-only task organized in 2011. Until the creation of the OntoNotes corpus, resources in this sub-field of language processing were limited to noun phrase coreference, often on a(More)
This paper presents the description and evaluation framework of SemEval-2010 Word Sense Induction & Disambiguation task, as well as the evaluation results of 26 participating systems. In this task, participants were required to induce the senses of 100 target words using a training set, and then disambiguate unseen instances of the same words using the(More)
Semantic role labeling is the process of annotating the predicate-argument structure in text with semantic labels. In this paper we present a state-of-the-art baseline semantic role labeling system based on Support Vector Machine classifiers. We show improvements on this system by: i) adding new features including features extracted from dependency parses,(More)
Most research in the field of anaphora or coreference detection has been limited to noun phrase coreference, usually on a restricted set of entities, such as ACE entities. In part, this has been due to the lack of corpus resources tagged with general anaphoric coreference. The OntoNotes project is creating a large-scale, accurate corpus for general(More)
The OntoNotes project is creating a corpus of large-scale, accurate, and integrated annotation of multiple levels of the shallow semantic structure in text. Such rich, integrated annotation covering many levels will allow for richer, cross-level models enabling significantly better automatic semantic analysis. At the same time, it demands a robust,(More)
This paper describes a semantic role labeling system that uses features derived from different syntactic views, and combines them within a phrase-based chunking paradigm. For an input sentence, syntactic constituent structure parses are generated by a Charniak parser and a Collins parser. Semantic role labels are assigned to the constituents of each parse(More)