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Tako-tsubo cardiomyopathy is a relatively recently recognized clinical entity, which presents similar to an acute myocardial infarction but there is no evidence of obstructive coronary artery disease on cardiac catheterization. It mostly affects postmenopausal women and an episode of acute illness or stress can often be identified preceding the(More)
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has been shown to be effective in the treatment of diabetic ulcers, air embolism, carbon monoxide poisoning and gas gangrene with minimal adverse effects. Very few cases of HBOT causing acute pulmonary edema (PE) has been described; with a study on dogs suggesting that a complication of this therapy could be PE. We describe(More)
Scrotal haematoma is an extremely rare complication after cardiac catheterisation (CC) with only few cases reported in literature. We report a 56-year-old patient who developed large scrotal haematoma after CC via transfemoral approach requiring blood transfusion due to haemodynamic instability. After an uneventful elective procedure, he was discharged with(More)
With a wide array of manifestations ranging from mild dyspnea to fatal cardiogenic shock, acute pulmonary embolism (PE) remains an enigmatic clinical entity. Vivid electrocardiography (ECG) patterns portrayed in different clinical instances of acute PE have always remained an interesting, yet debatable subject since the classic S1Q3T3 pattern on ECG(More)
Addison's disease (AD) is a metabolic disorder that affects the metabolism of potassium. The hyperkalemia that results from this condition can be reflected in the electrocardiogram, which could confound the diagnosis of other cardiac conditions. Such a challenging situation was encountered when a 73-year-old male with history of AD presented to the(More)
A 27-year-old Hispanic female, in second trimester of her pregnancy, presented to our emergency department (ER) with gradually worsening shortness of breath. The physical exam was significant for a loud S1, mid-diastolic murmur of mitral stenosis and basilar crackles. A chest X-ray was performed that showed bilateral pulmonary edema and straightening of the(More)