Sameed Husain

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This paper addresses the problem of large scale image retrieval, with the aim of accurately ranking the similarity of a large number of images to a given query image. To achieve this, we propose a novel Siamese network. This network consists of two computational strands, each comprising of a CNN component followed by a Fisher vector component. The CNN(More)
This paper presents an overview of random early detection algorithm and differentiated services on ns2. In the present scenario of computer networks the traffic is increasing exponentially due to which packet losses are also increasing at a great rate. An active queue management in routers and gateways can potentially reduce packet loss rates in the(More)
We investigate factors controlling DNN diversity in the context of the “Google Cloud and YouTube-8M Video Understanding Challenge”. While it is well-known that ensemble methods improve prediction performance, and that combining accurate but diverse predictors helps, there is little knowledge on how to best promote & measure DNN diversity. We show that(More)
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