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Two Halves Make a Whole - Reducing Data Transfer in Garbled Circuits Using Half Gates
The well-known classical constructions of garbled circuits use four ciphertexts per gate, although various methods have been proposed to reduce this cost. The best previously known methods forExpand
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Obliv-C: A Language for Extensible Data-Oblivious Computation
Many techniques for secure or private execution depend on executing programs in a data-oblivious way, where the same instructions execute independent of the private inputs which are kept in encryptedExpand
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Geppetto: Versatile Verifiable Computation
Cloud computing sparked interest in Verifiable Computation protocols, which allow a weak client to securely outsource computations to remote parties. Recent work has dramatically reduced the client'sExpand
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Revisiting Square-Root ORAM: Efficient Random Access in Multi-party Computation
Hiding memory access patterns is required for secure computation, but remains prohibitively expensive for many interesting applications. Prior work has either developed custom algorithms thatExpand
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Privacy-Preserving Distributed Linear Regression on High-Dimensional Data
Abstract We propose privacy-preserving protocols for computing linear regression models, in the setting where the training dataset is vertically distributed among several parties. Our mainExpand
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Circuit Structures for Improving Efficiency of Security and Privacy Tools
Several techniques in computer security, including generic protocols for secure computation and symbolic execution, depend on implementing algorithms in static circuits. Despite substantialExpand
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Secure Linear Regression on Vertically Partitioned Datasets
We propose multi-party computation protocols for securely computing a linear regression model from a training dataset whose columns are distributed among several parties. Our solution enablesExpand
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Poster: Obliv-C: a Fast, Lightweight Language for Garbled Circuits
We present Obliv-C (http://oblivc.org), a new language for developing secure computation protocols. It is a very lightweight extension layer on C that gets rewritten into standard C for compilationExpand
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