Samee Ullah Khan

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Cloud computing data centers are becoming increasingly popular for the provisioning of computing resources. The cost and operating expenses of data centers have skyrocketed with the increase in computing capacity. Several governmental, industrial, and academic surveys indicate that the energy utilized by computing and communication units within a data(More)
Mobile cloud computing is gaining popularity among mobile users. The ABI Research predicts that the number of mobile cloud computing subscribers is expected to grow from 42.8 million (1.1% of total mobile users) in 2008 to 998 million (19% of total mobile users) in 2014. Despite the hype achieved by mobile cloud computing, the growth of mobile cloud(More)
In modern data centers, energy consumption accounts for a considerably large slice of operational expenses. The existing work in data center energy optimization is focusing only on job distribution between computing servers based on workload or thermal profiles. This paper underlines the role of communication fabric in data center energy consumption and(More)
Smart phones are now capable of supporting a wide range of applications, many of which demand an ever increasing computational power. This poses a challenge because smart phones are resource-constrained devices with limited computation power, memory, storage, and energy. Fortunately, the cloud computing technology offers virtually unlimited dynamic(More)
The cloud computing exhibits, remarkable potential to provide cost effective, easy to manage, elastic, and powerful resources on the fly, over the Internet. The cloud computing, upsurges the capabilities of the hardware resources by optimal and shared utilization. The above mentioned features encourage the organizations and individual users to shift their(More)
Cloud computing is a powerful technology to perform massive-scale and complex computing. It eliminates the need to maintain expensive computing hardware, dedicated space, and software. Massive growth in the scale of data or big data generated through cloud computing has been observed. Addressing big data is a challenging and timedata processing and(More)
Cloud computing is emerging as a new computing paradigm in the healthcare sector besides other business domains. Large numbers of health organizations have started shifting the electronic health information to the cloud environment. Introducing the cloud services in the health sector not only facilitates the exchange of electronic medical records among the(More)
In this paper we consider, compare and analyze three game theoretical grid resource allocation mechanisms. Namely, 1) the non-cooperative sealed-bid method where tasks are auctioned off to the highest bidder, 2) the semi-cooperative n-round sealed-bid method in which each site delegate its work to others if it cannot perform the work itself, and 3) the(More)
Conservation of energy is the main issue in nowadays computing devices. Cluster computing is the new area of research nowadays. This paper deals with two problems in cluster computing, first is scheduling of parallel tasks in a cluster and second is energy conservation. Our main aim is to design a non-preemptive real time Scheduler for Cluster in such a way(More)