Sambit Mishra

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In this paper we present a fully pipelined high speed hardware architecture for Galois/Counter Mode of Operation (GCM) by analyzing the data dependencies in the GCM algorithm at the architecture level. We show that GCM encryption circuit and GCM authentication circuit have similar critical path delays resulting in an efficient pipeline structure. The(More)
Discussion papers are research materials circulated by their authors for purposes of information and discussion. They have not necessarily undergone formal peer review or editorial treatment. Abstract * Using purpose-collected survey data from 537 households in 60 different villages of the Jhabua district of India, this paper investigates the extent to(More)
—The revolution in high-speed broadband network is the requirement of the current time, in other words here is an unceasing demand for high data rate and mobility. Both provider and customer see, the long time evolution (LTE) could be the promising technology for providing broadband, mobile Internet access. To provide better quality of service (QoS) to(More)
The problem of discovering association rules between items in a large database of sales transactions has been considered in this paper. A new algorithm has been presented in this paper for solving the particular problem which is fundamentally different from the known algorithms. The empirical evaluation shows that the algorithm outperforms the known(More)
Software testing is a process, or a series of processes, designed to make sure computer code does what it was designed to do and that it does not do anything unintended. Software should be predictable and consistent, offering no surprises to users. Software testing is easier, in some ways, because the array of software and operating systems is much more(More)
Join is the basic key operation in relational databases which facilitates the combination of two relations based on a common key. It is usually an expensive operation and efficient implementation to improve the performance of many database queries. Join is also a memory intensive operation and consequently is directly affected by the performance of memory(More)
The major tasks in multiple query processing in multi database system are common operation or expression identification and global execution plan construction. Each query can have several alternative evaluation plans, each with a different set of tasks. Therefore the goal of multiple query processing is to choose the right set of plans for queries which(More)
Distributed query is one that selects data from databases located at multiple sites in a network and distributed processing performs computations on multiple CPUs to achieve a single result. Query processing is much more difficult in distributed environment than in centralized environment because a large number of parameters affect the performance of(More)
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