Sambit Kumar Mishra

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Since the phenomenon of cloud computing was proposed, there is an unceasing interest for research across the globe. Cloud computing has been seen as unitary of the technology that poses the next-generation computing revolution and rapidly becomes the hottest topic in the field of IT. This fast move towards Cloud computing has fuelled concerns on a(More)
The problem of discovering association rules between items in a large database of sales transactions has been considered in this paper. A new algorithm has been presented in this paper for solving the particular problem which is fundamentally different from the known algorithms. The empirical evaluation shows that the algorithm outperforms the known(More)
The revolution in high-speed broadband network is the requirement of the current time, in other words here is an unceasing demand for high data rate and mobility. Both provider and customer see, the long time evolution (LTE) could be the promising technology for providing broadband, mobile Internet access. To provide better quality of service (QoS) to(More)
Software Defined Networks is an emerging network paradigm which introduces programmability to networks and has the capability to dynamically configure the network. In a traditional IP based network the control part and the data forwarding elements are imposed in a single box that has very limited ability to configure the network, some vendor specific codes(More)
Cloud computing is a novel technology leads several new challenges to all organizations worldwide. Cloud computing supports virtual machines (VMs) to host multiple applications simultaneously. Balancing the large numbers of applications in the heterogeneous cloud environment becomes challenging as the hypervisor scheduling controls all VMs. When the(More)
Join is the basic key operation in relational databases which facilitates the combination of two relations based on a common key. It is usually an expensive operation and efficient implementation to improve the performance of many database queries. Join is also a memory intensive operation and consequently is directly affected by the performance of memory(More)
Cloud Computing plays a vital role in networking. All the applications nowadays shifted over the cloud as its easy availability of resources, sharing of resources, Virtualization makes the cloud computing popular. But with the immense growth of users over the cloud creates security issues that need to be resolved for the storage of data securely.The overall(More)