Sambhunath Biswas

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-An adaptive smoothing algorithm has been described which is capable of performing various tasks, such as removing salt and pepper noise, preserving roof edges, stretching (enhancing) step edges and reducing variations in low intensity varied regions. While iteration advances, it approximates both isotropic and anisotropic heat diffusion processes in(More)
Human face recognition is, indeed, a challenging task, especially under the illumination and pose variations. We examine in the present paper effectiveness of two simple algorithms using coiflet packet and Radon transforms to recognize human faces from some databases of still gray level images, under the environment of illumination and pose variations. Both(More)
The paper presents an improved gain flattening and noise figure analysis in the C-band regime using an equalization filter of a dual stage single mode polarization maintaining bowtie erbium doped fiber amplifier. The configuration uses two in-line 980nm laser pumps. The gain and noise figure variation with fiber length, pump power and temperature of the(More)