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A 67-year-old male presented with a gradually progressive low back pain of 2 years duration. The patient was leading a retired life and there was no history of chronic fever or significant trauma. There was no radiation of pain or any features suggestive of claudication. There was no history of any comorbidity. The pain was aggravated with extension of the(More)
cral TB were subjected to anterior radical debridement and strut grafting and instrumentation, while cases with a large paraspinal abscess, especially lumbar TB, were given the surgical treatment of posterior instrumentation. The differential selection of the patients in each group may itself have influenced the results. In group B (posterior approach),(More)
Breakage of K-wires and stainless steel wires which are used for fracture fixation is not uncommon, but migration is rare. We report a case of migration of broken K-wire used for patella tension band wiring to the popliteal fossa. The broken hardware was removed surgically. We would like to suggest that K-wire and wire fixation used for treatment of(More)
The paper presents a 2D analytical model for the potential function and threshold voltage of symmetric Double-Gate (DG) MOSFETs with vertical Gaussian doping profile in the channel.
OBJECTIVE To determine the long-term clinical and functional results of arthroscopic elbow synovectomy in rheumatoid arthritis patients with refractory elbow synovitis in terms of improvement in pain, function, and active range of motion (AROM) or arc of motion. METHOD Fifteen rheumatoid elbows in 13 patients, not responding to DMARD therapy and with(More)
AIM To describe here a technique of miniarthrotomy assisted percutaneous screw insertion for displaced Herscovici type B and C medial malleolar fractures. METHOD Incision was made centred over the superomedial angle of the ankle mortise, about half a cm medial to tibialis anterior. Arthrotomy was done and reduction obtained. Percuntaneously, two 4 mm(More)
INTRODUCTION Modified Stoppa approach was introduced as an alternative to ilioinguinal approach for management of anterior fractures of acetabulum in order to reduce complications of the latter. However, the efficacy of either approach over other is not well established. The aim of this meta-analysis is to compare the efficacy of modified stoppa and(More)
Various studies comparing operative and nonoperative intervention for displaced intrarticular calcaneal fractures have reported conflicting findings in the past. The objective of this meta-analysis was to compare the efficacy and safety of open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) vis-a-vis conservative management. Relevant randomized controlled trials(More)
BACKGROUND Dislocation of the patella can occur around its vertical as well as horizontal axis. However, near 180 degree rotation of the patella around its vertical axis within the intercondylar notch without its complete dislocation has never been previously reported to the best of our knowledge. We report one such neglected case along with its management.(More)
Intramedullary nailing is considered the standard of care for closed femoral shaft fractures. Several studies have shown that reamed intramedullary nailing is a safe procedure in fracture shaft femur with lower nonunion rates than unreamed nailing. Reamed intramedullary nailing provides better stability because of increased contact between the nail and(More)