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Energy Harvesting from Exercise Bicycle
This paper presents design of energy harvesting from exercise bicycle. The topology is based on lead-acid battery charge controller using dc-dc converter. The CUK converter is selected to deliver theExpand
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Speed-sensorless separately excited DC motor drive with an adaptive observer
This paper presents a speed-sensorless separately excited DC motor drive which uses the adaptive observer to estimate the rotor speed. In this paper, a stability analysis of the speed estimation isExpand
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A variable-frequency asymmetrical voltage-cancellation control of series resonant inverters in domestic induction cooking
The variable-frequency asymmetrical voltage-cancellation (VFAVC) control is proposed in this paper to control the output power for a series resonant load with a full-bridge inverter for homeExpand
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Steady-State Analysis of ZVS and NON-ZVS Full- Bridge Inverters with Asymmetrical Control for Induction Heating Applications
This paper presents a steady-state operation analysis of full-bridge series-resonant inverters focusing on the distorted load current due to low-quality-factor resonant circuits in induction heatingExpand
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Resonant inverter with a variable-frequency asymmetrical voltage-cancellation control for low Q-factor loads in induction cooking
This paper presents a power control strategy of the full-bridge series resonant inverter based on the asymmetrical voltage-cancellation control with variable-frequency in induction cooking appliancesExpand
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An improved dual-series resonant inverter for induction cooking appliance with asymmetrical voltage-cancellation control and power loss analysis
This paper presents an improved dual output full-bridge series resonant inverter with asymmetrical voltage-cancellation (AVC) control for cooking appliance. The important advantage of the proposedExpand
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A comparison of asymmetrical control strategies for domestic induction cooking applications with low-quality factor loads
This paper presents a comparison of two control strategies between the fixed-frequency method and the variable-frequency method for output power control of a full-bridge resonant inverter in domesticExpand
Three-Phase Active Power Filter Designed by Energy Balancing Control
In this paper, an energy balancing control is proposed for a three-phase active power filter (APF). The simplicity of energy analysis in the controlled system is formulated and proposed. The proposedExpand
A combined PDM and AVC control for induction cooking appliances
This paper presents a combined pulse density modulation (PDM) and asymmetrical voltage cancellation (AVC) control for induction cooking appliances. The average output power can be adjusted by theExpand
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Tracking Wheel Test of Composite Insulator In 22kV Distribution System
The electrical insulator is an important part on stability of the power system. The defects of electrical insulators had a cause from a deterioration, which strongly affected on power system.Expand