Samaresh Mishra

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Software cost estimation is an important activity of software project management. Database plays a very important role in data centric software. In this paper a model for estimating the effort of database development based on complexity and size of the database of relational model has been proposed. The proposed work also includes the new metrics on(More)
An appropriate cost metrics for estimating development effort of the database part of an application at conceptual design stage using ER model is an important consideration. We propose four cost metrics based on the level of complexity of an ER diagram. Our effort estimation technique is based on these metrics using an empirical mathematical expression(More)
For a successful software project, accurate prediction of its overall effort and cost estimation is a very much essential task. Software projects have evolved through a number of development models over the last few decades. Hence, to cover an accurate measurement of the effort and cost for different software projects based on different development models(More)
Performance is an important non-functional attribute of the software system to be considered for producing quality software. Performance analysis by estimating development effort of the database application and workload estimation during preliminary design stages is an important consideration. In this paper It is propose a methodology for estimation of(More)
We propose a technique for estimating the back-end size based on its complexity of business software using ER diagram artifacts. Our size estimation is based on the structural complexity of ER diagram which includes the concepts of generalization/specialization, and aggregation as well as the semantic integrity constraints identified during conceptual(More)
Reliability is always important in all systems but sometimes it is more important than other quality attributes, especially in mission critical systems where the severity of consequence resulting from failure is very high. Hence, it is important to develop comprehensive techniques for developing reliable software. But, it is found that there exist no(More)
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