Samara E Rainey

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BACKGROUND Many medical settings have conducted screenings for domestic violence, but no study has assessed the prevalence and frequency of intimate partner violence (IPV) within the acute psychiatric inpatient population. METHOD This descriptive, cross-sectional study was conducted in adult inpatient acute care units at a psychiatric hospital.(More)
In 2005, responding to several studies, the FDA issued a black box warning on atypical (second generation) antipsychotic medications, noting that the drugs may increase the risk of cerebrovascular adverse events in elderly patients with dementia-related behavior disturbances. The black box warning has raised concern for clinicians, among whom atypical(More)
Supervision of outpatient psychiatry residents plays the dual role of protecting the public by monitoring care and improving the educational experience of residents. The responsibility of supervisors may leave them vulnerable to liability under several legal theories. They may be vicariously liable for residents' negligence or may be directly liable for(More)
OBJECTIVE This study examined what a person seeking e-therapy services might find on the Internet, and how e-therapy Web sites characterize their services and providers. METHOD Using the search engines Google and Yahoo!, we obtained a list of 55 e-therapy Web sites, which we reviewed from May 2005 to September 2005. We used the search terms online(More)
E-therapy, the provision of mental health treatment through the Internet, poses many risks as well as benefits. This article addresses some relevant risks and benefits of e-therapy and discusses the practicality of using computers in the informed consent process. Although e-therapy has numerous proponents, no clinical trials have assessed its long-term(More)
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