Samar Sayedyahossein

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Generation of the lipid messenger phosphatidylinositol-3,4,5-trisphosphate (PtdIns(3,4,5)P3) is crucial for development, cell growth and survival, and motility, and it becomes dysfunctional in many diseases including cancers. Here we reveal a mechanism for PtdIns(3,4,5)P3 generation by scaffolded phosphoinositide kinases. In this pathway, class I(More)
During development, the Hippo signaling pathway regulates key physiological processes, such as control of organ size, regeneration, and stem cell biology. Yes-associated protein (YAP) is a major transcriptional co-activator of the Hippo pathway. The scaffold protein IQGAP1 interacts with more than 100 binding partners to integrate diverse signaling(More)
PURPOSE This study was designed to assess the safety and efficacy of 0.2 percent glyceryl trinitrate suppository form in the healing of chronic anal fissure. METHODS Thirty-four patients with symptomatic chronic anal fissures were assigned to 0.2 percent glyceryl trinitrate suppository (n = 21) or placebo (n = 13) in a double blind design. Patient's(More)
Insulin binds to the insulin receptor (IR) and induces tyrosine phosphorylation of the receptor and insulin receptor substrate-1 (IRS-1), leading to activation of the PKB/Akt and MAPK/ERK pathways. IQGAP1 is a scaffold protein that interacts with multiple binding partners and integrates diverse signaling cascades. Here we show that IQGAP1 associates with(More)
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