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We studied the fine structure of some classical and six variant mitochondria from different tissues viz. proboscis gland, spinal gland, ovary, testis, and muscle of a fish ectoparasite, Argulus bengalensis. In the proboscis gland and spinal gland, mitochondria are protected within vesicle to preserve their structure and activity from exposure to glandular(More)
In present study, a microcosm experiment is carried out to investigate the efficacy of 120 and 250-ppm crude aqueous extract of Azadirachta leaf on oocyte maturation, oviposition, embryonic development and hatching of the eggs of a fish ectoparasite Argulus bengalensis. Relative abundance of different maturing oocyte stages in the ovary of the parasite from(More)
The present investigation was carried out to underscore the developmental events of a crustacean ectoparasite of fish, Argulus bengalensis. Serial histological sections of the embryo were made at lateral, sagittal and longitudinal planes to explain its cleavage, gastrulation and axis specification. The centrolecithal egg of A. bengalensis underwent(More)
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