Samar H. Mohamed

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Pulping of bagasse by one-stage and three-stage peroxyacetic acid was carried out. Characterization of the precipitated lignin from the waste liquor of the pulping process was studied using infrared spectroscopy. Comparison between the molecular structure of peroxyacid lignin and kraft lignin was investigated. Different lignins were applied to(More)
Cation exchangers from chemically modified banana leaves have been prepared. Banana leaves were treated with different molarities of KMnO4 and cross linked with epichlorohydrin and their effect on metal ion adsorption was investigated. Phosphorylation of chemically modified banana leaves was also studied. The metal ion uptake by these modified banana leaves(More)
Insulated paper had been prepared from cotton linter containing certain additives. Strength properties had been studied for all paper prepared from cotton linter, before and after impregnating in the linseed oil. Also, the dielectric constant (έ) and AC electrical conductivity with frequencies over the range (100 kHz to 3 MHz) and at different temperatures(More)
Ion exchange-chromatography method with the use of hydroxy apatite is considered one of the methods used for the casein fractionation particularly those containing phosphate in its composition. Simplicity of hydroxyapatite-preparation and its easily use in casein fractionation in batches are advantages of this method. Sephadex G-25 or Agarose is used to(More)
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