Samanvay Gupta

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The encryption standards such as DES (Data Encryption Standard), AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and EES (Escrowed Encryption Standard) are widely used to solve the problem of communication over an insecure channel.Encryption is a well-established technology for protecting sensitive data. However, once encrypted, data can no longer be easily queried(More)
The paper explores the still-growing threat of website malware, specifically how hackers compromise websites and how users become infected. The consequences of malware attacks—including Google blacklisting—are also explored with an introduction describing the evolution, history & various types of malware. Types of malware described include Virus, Worms,(More)
Regulation of fertility can be difficult, and women need highly dependable contraception to achieve their desired fertility. Only 20% of early abortions in England and Wales and 60% in Scotland are undertaken by the medical method. Medical methods for early abortion appear to be promising alternatives to surgical abortion, and widespread dissemination of(More)
Prescribing contraceptives for women with underlying medical conditions requires careful attention from practitioners. This article reviews current knowledge on the metabolic effects and cardiovascular risks associated with use of combined oral contraceptives (OCs). OCs exert effects on lipids, high- and low-density lipid cholesterol, serum triglycerides,(More)
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