Samantha S Mooney

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In man, hematologic abnormalities precede the development of acute myeloblastic leukemia in about one-third of individuals. This preleukemic state may represent a stage of adult leukemia wherein small numbers of leukemic cells are present and the normal marrow stem cell compartment has not been seriously compromised. A syndrome resembling human preleukemia(More)
This article covers the pertinent clinical, physical, and radiographic findings in dogs and cats with primary pulmonary neoplasia. Diagnostic and treatment recommendations are made. Although primary pulmonary neoplasia is rare in both the dog and cat, it appears to be diagnosed with increasing frequency. Early detection and surgical treatment of carefully(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether conception following assisted reproductive technology (ART) predisposes women to increased risk of postnatal depression (PND), compared to women who conceived naturally, when controlling for such factors as: multiple birth, previous maternal psychiatric history and sociodemographic status. PARTICIPANTS A total of 200 women(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the delivery indication (maternal or fetal) for patients with preterm preeclampsia and assess whether disease characteristics at presentation are predictive of delivery indication. METHODS We conducted a retrospective cohort study at a tertiary hospital in Melbourne, Australia (Mercy Hospital for Women). We assessed indication for(More)
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