Samantha Parsons

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This study investigated the long-term effects of social disadvantage on academic achievement and on subsequent attainments in adulthood. The study drew on data collected for over 30,000 individuals born 12 years apart, following their development from birth to adulthood. The pathways that link social disadvantage to individual development across the life(More)
OBJECTIVE Our aim was to assess the longitudinal trajectory of childhood receptive language skills and early influences on the course of language development. METHODS Drawing on data collected for a nationally representative British birth cohort, the 1970 British Cohort Study, we examined the relationship between directly assessed early receptive language(More)
PURPOSE Understanding the long-term outcomes of developmental language difficulties is key to knowing what significance to attach to them. To date, most prognostic studies have tended to be clinical rather than population-based, which necessarily affects the interpretation. This study sought to address this issue using data from a U.K. birth cohort of(More)
OBJECTIVES Little is known on the psychosocial adult outcomes of children's early language skills or intervening circumstances. The aim of this study was to assess the longitudinal trajectory linking childhood receptive language skills to psychosocial outcomes in later life. METHODS The study comprised 6941 men and women who participated in a nationally(More)
Fractures of the intercondylar tibial spine are uncommon injuries that occur more frequently in the growing skeleton. They are easy to miss in the triage setting often being diagnosed as 'sprains' after sporting injuries. We report three cases that occurred in adolescents attending the same sporting event. We seek to highlight the importance of recognising(More)
It is commonly assumed that boys have poorer language skills than girls, but this assumption is largely based on studies with small, clinical samples or focusing on expressive language skills. This study examines the relationship between gender and receptive vocabulary, literacy, and non-verbal performance at 5 years through to adulthood. The participants(More)
This paper provides a comprehensive account of the way in which cognitive and educational attainment mediate the link between social origins and elite social class destinations in mid-life. Using the 1970 British Cohort Study (BCS70), we assess the roles of a range of pathways through which educational advantage may lead to occupational attainment:(More)
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