Samantha P Bento

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The role of maternal sensitivity as a mediator accounting for the robust association between maternal attachment representations and the quality of the infant-mother attachment relationship was examined. Sixty mother-infant dyads were observed at home and in the Strange Situation at 13 months, and mothers participated in the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI)(More)
Mothers of 144 preterm infants with varying degrees of neonatal illness were interviewed prior to their infants' discharge from neonatal intensive care. Their major concerns were for the infants' survival rather than their own welfare. Husbands, parents, and, for members, church were seen as the major sources of support.
It is generally established that active-coping strategies and greater perceived control over pain are associated with improved pain-related outcomes; however, it remains unclear whether these factors independently or interactively influence adrenocortical function in reaction to a painful stimulus. The present study examined whether active coping predicted(More)
Prenatal drug exposure (PDE) can undermine subsequent health and development. In a prospective longitudinal study we examine whether PDE moderates the link between stress reactivity and cognitive functioning in adolescence. Participants were 76 prenatally drug-exposed and 61 nonexposed (NE) community comparison African American youth (50% male, mean age(More)
  • J-D Rinaudo, M Montginoul, M Varanda, S Bento
  • 2012
9 Groundwater management policies will need to be revised in many Mediterranean countries, in light 10 of the impact of climate change and the increasing demand for water. In this paper, we analyze 11 stakeholder perceptions of three groundwater policy scenarios which respectively assume a 12 strengthening of state intervention, the introduction of market(More)
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