Samantha M Yu

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In this work, ellagic acid (EA), a naturally occurring plant polyphenol, was utilized for the biomimetic synthesis of silver (Ag) nanoparticles, which over a period of time formed extended branched nanochains of hexagonal-shaped silver nanoparticles. It was found that EA not only has the capability of reducing silver ions, resulting in the formation of Ag(More)
Herein, we have studied the self-assembly and the spontaneous growth of microassemblies of the plant polyphenol ellagic acid for HeLa cancer cell imaging and therapy. The growth of the assemblies was studied at varying pH over time. It was found that initially microspheres were formed which gradually transformed into microfibers via nucleation and(More)
Some materials become electrically polarized when pressure is exerted on them, and if this piezoelectric effect is large enough, it can be used to transform mechanical energy into electricity. However, conventional piezoelectric materials — including quartz, some types of ceramics and some polymers — usually require complex fabrication procedures to make(More)
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