Samantha M. Middleton

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Severe thrombocytopenia frequently occurs in patients receiving chemotherapy and in patients with autoimmune disorders. Thrombocytopenia is associated with bleeding, which may be serious and life threatening. Current treatment strategies for thrombocytopenia may require transfusion of allogeneic platelets, which is associated with serious drawbacks. These(More)
Factor VIII was purified from cryoprecipitate by ion exchange chromatography on solid phase polyelectrolyte E-5 (PE-E5). The product was highly purified (3.5 u VIII:C/mg protein) compared to conventional concentrate (0.3 u VIII:C/mg protein) with low fibrinogen, low isoagglutinin titre, and a ratio of factor VIII coagulant activity (VIII:C) to factor VII(More)
Factor VIII deficient plasma was made from pooled, HIV antibody and hepatitis B antigen screened, normal human plasma by cryoprecipitation and immuno-depletion, using three different monoclonal antibodies bound to Sepharose columns, in series. These monoclonal antibodies are specific respectively for von Willebrand factor, factor VIII heavy chain and factor(More)
VIII:C was purified from intermediate-purity concentrate by adsorption on polyelectrolyte E5 and affinity chromatography on Sepharose/anti-VIIIR:Ag. The highly purified VIII:C preparation (sp. act. 1598 U/mg) was used to immunize Balb-C mice. Spleen cells from a mouse with a serum antibody titer of 963 U/ml were fused with P3 NSI mouse myeloma cells. Hybrid(More)
Endogenous or deliberately added hepatitis B antigen was removed and concentrated for assay from albumin, and from coagulation factor II, VII, IX, and X concentrates as model plasma fractions. The concentrates carry considerable risk of causing hepatitis in transfused patients. The amount of antigen remaining in the fraction was estimated to be less than(More)
A series of in vitro studies designed to ascertain the potential in vivo thrombogenicity of human factor IX-containing concentrates is described. Using concentrates obtained from several different Centres the fibrinogen clotting time with some preparations was less than 6 h and/or the recalcification time of normal plasma was shortened. In some(More)