Samantha Low

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Understanding how people use public transport is important for the operation and future planning of the underlying transport networks. We have therefore developed and deployed a traffic measurement system for a key player in the transportation industry to gain insights into crowd behavior for planning purposes. The system has been in operation for several(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to compare two different methods of quantitative assessment of tibial subchondral bone in osteoarthritis (OA): statistical texture analysis (sTA) and trabecular microarchitecture analysis (tMA). METHODS Asymptomatic controls aged 20-30 (n = 10), patients aged 40-50 with chronic knee pain but without established OA (n =(More)
In the management of menorrhagia, endometrial ablation techniques or intra-uterine progesterone-containing devices are employed when medical therapy fails. We postulated that the insertion of a Mirena IUS at the time of a TCRE would improve upon the success rates found when either is user individually. In a small pilot study, we identified patients who had(More)
Rupture of a splenic artery aneurysm, commonly associated with pregnancy is a rare and catastrophic event. We report here a case of a patient in her second pregnancy who presented with a short history of left hypochondriac and epigastric pain, followed by collapse at 32 weeks gestation. Sudden fetal distress lead to emergency caesarean delivery when splenic(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether differences in the osteochondral junction (OCJ) in two different age groups could be detected with ultrashort time-to-echo (UTE) MRI in vivo. METHODS 10 healthy controls aged 20-30 years (Group 1) and 10 patients aged 40-50 years with knee pain but no evidence of osteoarthritis (OA) (Group 2) underwent 3-T MRI of the knee(More)
Simple renal cysts are most commonly found in the elderly, male population. The majority of simple renal cysts remain untreated, except on the rare occasion when they become complicated with hemorrhage, infection or rupture. We present the case of a 31-year-old female with a simple renal cyst which was initially treated as acute pyelonephritis. A high(More)
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