Samantha J. Shepherd

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The discovery of "mirror neurons" in area F5 of the ventral premotor cortex has prompted many theories as to their possible function. However, the identity of mirror neurons remains unknown. Here, we investigated whether identified pyramidal tract neurons (PTNs) in area F5 of two adult macaques exhibited "mirror-like" activity. About half of the 64 PTNs(More)
The past decade has seen human leukocyte antigen (HLA) typing emerge as a remarkably popular test for the diagnostic work-up of coeliac disease with high patient acceptance. Although limited in its positive predictive value for coeliac disease, the strong disease association with specific HLA genes imparts exceptional negative predictive value to HLA(More)
BACKGROUND Protease inhibitors (PI) including boceprevir, telaprevir and simeprevir have revolutionised HCV genotype 1 treatment since their introduction. A number of pre-treatment resistance associated amino acid variants (RAVs) and polymorphisms have been associated with reduced response to treatment. OBJECTIVES We measured the prevalence of(More)
BACKGROUND Government policy has precipitated recent changes in the provision of harm reduction interventions - injecting equipment provision (IEP) and opiate substitution therapy (OST) - for people who inject drugs (PWID) in Scotland. We sought to examine the potential impact of these changes on hepatitis C virus (HCV) transmission among PWID. METHODS(More)
Ident~fication between Friend and Foe (IFF) is a technique for recognizing a plaform, be it ship, aircraft or helicopter. It is widely used in both civil and milita~ worlds. In the case of the former, aircraft coming in to land at airports are recognised; while various units / platjorms are accessed for multiple applications in the case of the latter. The(More)
This paper shows how to directly compute a largest set, C, of length N codewords over a given finite alphabet, such that no codeword in C is a cyclic shift of another codeword in C. The method uses finite integer rings and can be used to generate irreducible polynomials. Definitions: x is the largest integer value ≤ x. a m means the residue of a, mod m. ord(More)
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