Samantha Frank

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Adolescent depression is a prevalent and disabling condition resulting in emotional suffering and social and educational dysfunction. Care for adolescent depression is suboptimal and could be improved through the development and use of quality indicators (QIs). This article reports on the development of a care pathway and QIs for the primary and specialty(More)
Dissemination of innovations is widely considered the sine qua non for system improvement. At least two dozen states are rolling out evidence-based mental health practices targeted at children and families using trainings, consultations, webinars, and learning collaboratives to improve quality and outcomes. In New York State (NYS) a group of researchers,(More)
The Biblical Book of Job is a wisdom book. Wisdom, in this context, refers to the intellectual discipline taught by the sages of ancient Isreael to provide professionals with a realistic approach to the problems of life. Chapter 30 of the Book of Job is a key-index of ideas that, if followed through the book, discloses a modern scientifically accurate(More)
The essential criteria governing the assessment of the need for rehabilitation must be reviewed before making a sociomedical decision on claims to the German Statutory Pension Insurance (GRV) for refunding expenditure on rehabilitation. For an objective view of such a sociomedical decision, one must specify more clearly the fundamental assessment criteria.(More)
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