Samantha Derksen

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OBJECTIVE To describe regional trends in premature mortality in Manitoba. DESIGN Comparison of all-cause and cause-specific mortality of persons less than age 75 in 11 Regional Health Authority populations over two time periods: 1985-89 and 1990-94. RESULTS The provincial premature mortality rate declined over the two time periods (4.00/1,000 to(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the profile of the intensive use of mental health services over a 4-year period in a population of 1.1 million people. METHODS Data obtained from computerized hospital separation records and physician reimbursement claims were combined to form patient-based histories of mental health care utilization. Users of mental health services(More)
In this paper a switching load current estimator for a buck converter is introduced. By combining two estimation principles in a single estimator, both a fast response and a high accuracy of the load current estimation can be obtained. The controller of the buck converter then uses this estimated load current, enabling it to respond fast on load changes and(More)
Acknowledgments The concept of this paper was originated in ICTSD's research and policy dialogues under the Global Platform. Terms of reference, direction and guidance have been the responsibility of Ingrid Jegou, Samantha Derksen and Joachim Monkelbaan of ICTSD. ICTSD is grateful to participants at various meetings where early versions of this paper have(More)
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