Samantha Chenery

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Non-linearities in projection values on computed tomography (CT) scanners cause corresponding errors in derived Hounsfield unit attenuation measurements. Existing commercial machines have been refined for clinical usefulness but not necessarily for quantitative accuracy. In this report the results of measurements on the EMI 7070 fourth-generation scanner(More)
A technique for total body irradiation, in which the patient lies in the prone or supine position in the beam of a conventional column mounted 4 MV linear accelerator, is described. A sufficiently large radiation field is obtained by rotating the beam in a vertical plane about the source (i.e., sweeping beam) at a source-to-skin distance of 190 cm on the(More)
The physics measurements on a Selectron high dose-rate afterloading cobalt-60 unit are reported. The installation was found to be acceptable from the standpoint of radiation safety and cost effectiveness; hospital bed space was saved as treatment could be on an outpatient basis. A source calibration 4% higher than the value stated by the manufacturer was(More)
The dosimetry of small permanent gold grain implants for treating choroidal melanoma has been studied. A means of planning the source configuration required to deliver a desired minimum dose to a tumour has been developed. The interaction of the variable parameters, source activity, number of sources used, geometrical arrangement, and implant diameter,(More)
The Radiation Oncology Center in Sacramento, California, has developed a procedure for establishing an intraoperative radiation therapy facility in a community practice. The logistics pertaining to personnel, equipment, physical measurements, and quality assurance are presented. Particular emphasis is given to the most effective means of acquiring the large(More)
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