Samantha C. E. Davies

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In-car devices that use audio output have been shown to be less distracting than traditional graphical user interfaces, but can be cumbersome and slow to use. In this paper, we report an experiment that demonstrates how these performance characteristics impact whether people will elect to use an audio interface in a multitasking situation. While steering a(More)
The effect of polydispersity on laser beam propagation through an evaporating aerosol is studied theoretically in the single scattering approximation. The general theory is discussed. Evolution of the size distribution due to laser-induced evaporation in a spatially homogeneous system is then examined. The character of a polydisperse aerosol's evolution due(More)
Biomagnetism is essentially the study of the weak magnetic fields generated by biological organisms, in particular the human body. The human thorax is composed of a variety of tissues and organs of slightly different magnetic susceptibility. In an applied magnetic field (of the order of milliTeslas) these small differences in susceptibility lead to(More)
A rigorous theoretical development is given for isobaric radial droplet evaporation (IRDE) induced by laser radiation. This rigorous development in the form of a computer code, IRDE is used to assess the accuracy of previous approximate theories for the description of this process as well as to derive a new and improved approximate theory.
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