Samantha Binney

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The results presented in this paper display our continuing steps toward development of a neutron source with parameters required by boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT) at the Kyiv Research Reactor (KRR). The purpose of this work was: 1. calculation of the neutron flux which can be achieved at the greatest possible approach of a patient to the reactor core;(More)
Transportation of hazardous materials, and particularly radioactive wastes, on public highways has become an important risk management issue. The unfavorability of public attitudes regarding hazardous and nuclear wastes signals the potential for strong public opposition to programs for transporting these materials. This paper presents the results of a(More)
A project was developed to provide older residents in care homes with hip protectors if they were at risk of falling. The aim was to reduce the number of hip fractures sustained through falls. During the project it became apparent that care home staff had little knowledge of hip protectors, and felt unable to take steps to prevent falls. The project(More)
Operating experience with thermoluminescent dosimeters used in a boron neutron capture therapy research project is reported. In particular, certain facets of the use of thermoluminescent dosimeters for gamma ray dose measurements in the presence of a high thermal neutron fluence are discussed, including a comparison of TLD-400 and TLD-700 for gamma ray(More)
A study was conducted of a human male who had inhaled a mixture of 241Am and Pu. To distinguish 241Am deposited in the subject's lungs from translocated activity deposited in the tracheobronchial lymph nodes (TBLN), two intrinsic Ge detectors were collimated with 0.3-cm Pb sheeting. A tissue-equivalent phantom containing either 22.9 kBq (620 nCi) of 241Am(More)
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