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RATIONALE Recently, a simple procedure was described, drinking in the dark (DID), in which C57BL/6J mice self-administer ethanol to the point of intoxication. The test consists of replacing the water with 20% ethanol in the home cage for 2 or 4 h early during the dark phase of the light/dark cycle. OBJECTIVES To determine whether the model displays(More)
The effects of isosmolar loads of glucose and saline after onset of focal cerebral ischaemia (middle cerebral artery occlusion) were compared in cats. In cats given saline cerebral blood flow (CBF) fell and then rose slightly on the marginal gyrus (infarct penumbra). There was a sustained fall in CBF on the suprasylvian and ectosylvian gyri (infarct core).(More)
BACKGROUND Recently, a simple procedure in mice, Drinking-in-the-Dark (DID), was hypothesized to have value for medication development for human alcoholism. In DID, mice are offered intermittent, limited access to ethanol over a series of days during the dark phase that results in rapid drinking to intoxication in predisposed genotypes. METHODS We(More)
Bilateral chorda tympani section is an accepted treatment for troublesome sialorrhoea. Nevertheless the effects of this operation have been poorly studied. Twenty patients were studied with unilateral chorda tympani section and a healthy contralateral ear. The effects on ipsilateral and contralateral stimulated submandibular and parotid flow and taste(More)
OBJECTIVES (1) To establish the feasibility of myotatic reflex measurement in patients with head injury. (2) To test the hypothesis that cerebral dysfunction after head injury causes myotatic reflex abnormalities through disordered descending control. These objectives arise from a proposal to use reflex measurements in monitoring patients with head injury.(More)
Endometriosis is an adhesion disorder characterized by the presence of endometrial tissue in ectopic sites outside the uterus. The disease is associated with dysmenorrhea, pelvic pain and infertility. Although endometriosis is the most common gynecologic disorder, relatively little is known regarding its etiology, pathogenesis and the course of the disease.(More)
OBJECTIVE Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is prevalent among low-income minorities and is associated with poorer health. However, the association between PTSD and hemoglobin A1(C) (A1(C)) among patients with diabetes has not been fully described. The objective of this cross-sectional study was to evaluate associations between PTSD and A1(C) among(More)
The effects of etomidate on focal cerebral ischaemia following transorbital occlusion of the cat middle cerebral artery were investigated. Etomidate had no effect on CBF before or after onset of ischaemia by comparison with controls, but caused a greater fall in CBF in cats with high preocclusion or initial ischaemic CBF than in those in which CBF was(More)
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