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Post-traumatic pelvic pseudoaneurysms are rare and challenging to manage. We describe the combined endovascular and surgical strategy used, to successfully treat a large internal iliac pelvic pseudoaneurysm combined with arterio-venous fistula, in a patient presenting 20 years following an elective caesarean section.
Neutrophil leukocyte morphology was examined in whole blood films from 20 patients with palmoplantar pustulosis (PPP) and 32 healthy controls. In the PPP patients, there was a significant increase in the number of neutrophils having polarized morphology or membrane ruffling; however, there was no significant difference in neutrophil morphology between(More)
e20018 Background: Cutaneous melanoma incidence is rapidly rising in the elderly population. Imbalances of the immune system are described due to aging associated changes between CD4+, CD8+, T helper (Th) 1, Th 2 and T regulatory and T effector lymphocytes (lym). We describe clinical outcome in 10 elderly patients (pts) with cutaneous metastatic melanoma(More)
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