Samaneh Rashvand

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Diet and inflammation have been suggested to be important risk factors for ulcerative colitis (UC). In this case-control study conducted in Iran, we examined the ability of the dietary inflammatory index (DII) to predict UC. This study included 62 UC cases and 124 controls hospitalized for acute non-neoplastic diseases. The DII was computed based on dietary(More)
The role of dietary fatty acids in ulcerative colitis (UC) pathogenesis has been shown in animal models; however, human studies are rare. We hypothesized that there might be a relationship between dietary fatty acid composition and the risk of developing incident UC. Overall, 62 new cases of UC and 124 healthy age and sex-matched controls were studied.(More)
BACKGROUND The incidence of ulcerative colitis (UC) is rising in populations with western-style diet, rich in fat and protein, and low in fruits and vegetables. In the present study, we aimed to evaluate the association between dietary protein intakes and the risk of developing incident UC. METHODS Sixty two cases of UC and 124 controls were studied using(More)
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