Samaneh Ghandali

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— Signature verification and Identification has great importance for authentication purpose. Persian signatures are different from other signature types because people usually do not use text in it and they draw a shape as their signature, therefore, a different approach should be considered to process such signatures. In this paper, a method for off-line(More)
— This paper presents a novel diagnosis and logic debugging method for gate-level arithmetic circuits. It detects logic bugs in a synthesized circuit caused by using a wrong gate (" gate replacement " error), which change the functionality of the circuit. The method is based on modeling the circuit in an algebraic domain and computing its algebraic "(More)
Over the last decade, hardware Trojans have gained increasing attention in academia, industry and by government agencies. In order to design reliable countermeasures, it is crucial to understand how hardware Trojans can be built in practice. This is an area that has received relatively scant treatment in the literature. In this contribution, we examine how(More)
This paper describe a system-level approach to improve the area and delay of datapath designs that perform polynomial computations over , which are used in many applications such as computer graphics and digital signal processing domains. This approach optimizes the implementation of multivariate polynomial systems in terms of the number of arithmetic(More)
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