Samaneh Berenjian

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Some unique attributes of P2P networks such as cost efficiency and scalability, contributed for the widespread adaptation of these networks. Since P2P applications are mostly used in file-sharing, preserving anonymity of users has become a very important subject for researchers. As a result, a lot of methods are suggested for P2P networks to preserve(More)
The most important aim of Automated Intrusion Response Systems (AIRSs) is selecting responses that impose less cost on the protected system and which are able to neutralize intrusions progress effectively. Cost-sensitive AIRSs use different methods to launch efficient responses. In this regard, risk assessment as a component for assessing intrusion danger(More)
The energy of all sensor nodes in wireless sensor networks is limited. For this reason, providing a method of communication between nodes and network administrator to manage energy consumption is crucial. In this paper, a centralized evolutionary clustering protocol for wireless sensor networks is proposed. The proposed protocol selects the appropriate(More)
In sending data from one point to another, such as transferring data between various components of a computer system, due to the existence of electromagnetic waves and other issues such as noise and attenuation, information may be changed in the middle of the track. Therefore, it is critical for receiver to ensure the accuracy of the information. For this(More)
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