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Phosphorylation of Tau by the protein kinase GSK-3β was monitored by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy of immobilized Tau on gold surfaces. As a result of Tau phosphorylation, the film resistance decreases significantly due to conformational changes and reorganization of the immobilized phosphorylated Tau (pTau) protein, which in turn enables the(More)
Hyperphosphorylation of Tau, a protein that stabilizes microtubules, leads to the breakdown of the microtubular structure and ultimately to the formation of neurofibrillar tangles within neurons. Here, we report monitoring of Tau phosphorylations electrochemically, using Tau protein films chemically linked to gold surfaces and 5'-γ-ferrocenyl (Fc) adenosine(More)
Hierarchical self-assembly of disubstituted ferrocene (Fc)-peptide conjugates that possess Gly-Val-Phe and Gly-Val-Phe-Phe peptide substituents leads to the formation of nano- and micro-sized assemblies. Hydrogen-bonding and hydrophobic interactions provide directionality to the assembly patterns. The self-assembling behavior of these compounds was studied(More)
The new tetra dentate dianionic H2PS (N,N'-dipyridoxyl (1,3-propylenediamine)) Schiff-base ligand and its octahedral Co(III) salen complex [Co(PS)(H2O)(CH3OH)]+CH3COO(-) were synthesized, where coordinating atoms of H2PS (N,N,O(-),O(-)) occupied equatorial positions with H2O and CH3OH as axial ligands. The nature of the H2PS and its complex were determined(More)
The synthesis and characterization of four new Ferrocene (Fc) bioconjugates, bearing a podant (Lys)-Leu-Val-Phe-Phe motif, namely the hydrophobic sequence of amyloid-β-peptides (Aβ), is reported. The Fc-peptide conjugates are characterized by a reversible redox activity and the ability to undergo hydrophobic and hydrogen bonding interactions. Biomolecular(More)
Analysis of proteinogenic vaccine antigens in a quality control environment requires an accurate, precise, and reliable method for protein separation and quantitation. While having multiple advantages over the classical SDS-PAGE, capillary gel electrophoresis (CGE) has not yet become a standard tool in vaccine antigen analysis. Here we report on development(More)
A surface-based approach is presented to study the interactions of Aβ12-28-Cys assembled on gold surfaces with Congo red (CR) and a β-sheet breaker (BSB) peptide. The various aspects of the peptide film have been examined using different electrochemical and surface analytical techniques. Cyclic voltammetry and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS)(More)
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