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In this paper we have obtained the distribution of concomitant of order statistics for Bivariate Pseudo-Exponential distribution. The expression for moments has also been obtained. We have found that only the fractional moments of the distribution exist. The tables for survival function and hazard function has also been obtained.
Customer satisfaction and retention is one of the key determinants to measure the quality of products or services and hence the organizational performance. Due to the growing importance of quality in our life, customers desire to enjoy a relatively better quality of products or availing superior quality services has been increased. Pakistan is the sixth(More)
We propose a new selection procedures in unequal probability sampling that can be used with Horvitz and Thompson Estimator. Expression for inclusion probability for ith unit (i ) and joint inclusion probability of ith and jth unit (ij ) has been obtained. Some desirable properties of i  and ij  has been verified for proposed procedure. 1 Introduction(More)
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