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In this paper we have obtained the distribution of concomitant of order statistics for Bivariate Pseudo-Exponential distribution. The expression for moments has also been obtained. We have found that only the fractional moments of the distribution exist. The tables for survival function and hazard function has also been obtained.
In this paper the Bivariate Pseudo–Weibull distribution has been defined as a compound distribution of two random variables to model the failure rate of component reliability. The distribution of r–th concomitant and joint distribution of r–th and s–th concomitant of record statistics of the resulting distribution have been derived. Single and product(More)
The trivarite Pseudo-Weibull distribution has been proposed. Some distributional properties of the distribution has been studied. The distribution of two concomitants has been obtained. The conditional distribution of one concomitant given the information of other has also been obtained. Moments of the resulting distributions has been computed. 1.(More)