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There are few attempts in the education field that investigate the use of serious games as an instructional tool. In this paper, collaborative virtual environment (CVE) will be used to build up multi-players serious games (MPSGs) platform to investigate how MPSGs promotes social interaction among students. Furthermore, we extend our analysis to how(More)
The Information Technology discipline has become increasingly important both to higher education, business and industry. Although there has been a continuous growth of IT technical support jobs, several research studies claim that there are many unfilled information technology jobs because of the lack of workers who possess adequate knowledge and skills,(More)
Internet age students are increasingly interested in learning by playing. The majority of the current educational computer games suffer from the inapplicability of supporting the course materials' learning objectives. In consequence, the integration of educational video games into the curriculum usually met with resistance from some teachers,(More)
While gaming environments represent various forms of interaction, entertainment and dynamism, they create short term interactions and long term relationships. Social presence and social interaction are two major design factors to ensure being involved in online multiplayers games (OMPG). This paper argued that there is a positive relationship between the(More)
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