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Asc-1 (SLC7A10) is an amino acid transporter whose deletion causes neurological abnormalities and early postnatal death in mice. Using metabolomics and behavioral and electrophysiological methods, we demonstrate that Asc-1 knockout mice display a marked decrease in glycine levels in the brain and spinal cord along with impairment of glycinergic inhibitory(More)
d-Serine is a co-agonist of NMDA receptors (NMDARs) whose activity is potentially regulated by Asc-1 (SLC7A10), a transporter that displays high affinity for d-serine and glycine. Asc-1 operates as a facilitative transporter and as an antiporter, though the preferred direction of d-serine transport is uncertain. We developed a selective Asc-1 blocker, Lu(More)
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